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Playa Unplugged

Our hearts have shrunk

Withdrawn inward

Waiting to be filled again

To beat without fear

Playa Unplugged was created to allow our hearts to open up for a while together, to remind us of our tremendous power to shape our reality. From an initiative of community members came the idea to meet in a different way, peacefully, full of connecting and enabling content.

In a moment, we were supposed to open the gates of Midburn city; instead, we will open the gates of our hearts to anyone in need. We will meet for an event without overnight stay but full of connecting content. Camps will host, artists will present and perform, we will move, hug, and love. We aspire to create through community effort and out of civic responsibility a playground, a sane break from anxiety, to offer support, tension relief and connection between people.

What will there be? Whatever each and every one of us chooses to bring. Any content that is connecting, soothing, calming, supportive, inspiring is blessed.

This is a rolling event of about 5 days (which may be extended), from the afternoon until the evening (without overnight stay), at the 'Maaravah' event compound, which donated its lovely space in Ga'ash. The first few days will be dedicated internally to our community - to be together, do things jointly and strengthen, and thereafter, we will also invite families displaced from the Gaze area to have a similar experience (over 1000 evacuated families are currently hosted in the Sharon beach area).

We operate according to the instructions of the Home Front Command and the limitations of the hosting venue, so the event is subject to changes, and we will all need to show flexibility. In the coming days, the event dates will be clarified, we will publish further details, and issue a call for participation. Ideas for connection and action are happily received.

Let's all hug in the Playa.


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