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New Steering Committee

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Yay! We have a new steering committee!

Here’s a bit about them!

Good luck and happy burn to us all!

Anna Kanterovich - Committee Head

Eran Fox

Dov Shemesh

Omer Pines

Eden Orion


Anna Kanterovich - Committee Head

When I was 15, I was caught burning notebooks in the school restrooms.The principal called me a pyromaniac. “Burner”, I corrected him; “it's called a Burner”.

I have been burning since 2014 (4 times in the US, and countless times in Israel).

I’ve been setting up camp with unbelievably amazing partners since 2014. The people Midburn has brought my way have been the best gift one can ask for.

I’ve been a part of the organization since 2017 (actually since the very beginning, but it’s taken me a bit of time to get over my fear of organized establishment).

I have been part of the committee since 2018 (when I was told it’s a mere 3-hours/week commitment. Marcus, I WILL get revenge!).

Head of the committee since 2019 (I was looking around while everyone was looking at me).

Experienced one field crisis and one world pandemic.

I carry a cross and a silver bullet in my pocket; Just in case the zombie apocalypse breaks out suddenly.

2021 is absolutely going to be a year of growth and energy!

Hope everyone is ready to experience Midburn a bit like first timers again.


Eran Fox

A bit about my burn history:

Been burning since 2016!

Participated in the building of the Komorabi in 2017. Once it was up and standing, I literally stood in front of it and wept.

If you haven't seen the Komorabi burn you haven't seen a burn!

Steering committee member since 2019.

Why am I here?

I’m here for the change

I’m here fo the people

I’m here for the culture

I’m here to take Midburn and its culture to new heights in Israeli society.


Dov Shemesh

Who am I?

I am a 72 year old engineer, retired yoga instructor and entrepreneur in the world of recreational facilities and trampoline parks.

A bit about my burn history:

I created the ‘tribal elders’ camp in 2014 and have been participating since.

I’ve participated in burning man both in the US and in Australia.

I am a member in the midair strategic department!

So why am I on the committee?

I’m here to bring old traditions back to life.

I’m here to share my professional and entrepreneurial experience to help the organization pull out of its financial rut.


Omer Pines

My “burn” history:

  • My first burn was in 2013 at Burningman (BRC) and my life hasn't been the same since.

  • When I returned to Israel, I joined Midburn as a technical lead.

  • I build Midburn’s 1st website (and then the 2nd and then the 3rd).

  • I led the Tech department that turned into an internal startup with dozens of programmers, designers, QA, product managers, and more. Over the years, we created websites, systems and applications for Midburn.

  • I also helped establish the Radio Camp and Handycamp camp and since 2018 I am part of the Plan B camp.

  • This is my 3rd time I am on the board of the Midburn association.

  • I led the BAMBI project (The Midburn House in Bat-Yam) and the "Non-Temporary City" project in Dimona.

  • I created the Burn Games project to make sure everyone who comes to Midburn knows where they are going (or plays many times until they know)

  • In Midburn 2022, I combined my love to bees and the burn to build a 5 day workshop in center camp called "Designed Homes for bees".

Why am I on the board?

  • Because Midburn changed my life and I understand its power to change and the possibilities it holds.

  • Because I am a forwardthinker that knows how to deal with all the hassle of having an association/

  • Because I am radical and not afraid to say it.

  • Because I f^&#ing love this community


Eden Orion

Born 1962.

Still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up.

In the meantime I'm: kite running, stargazing, designing web pages, and more.

I've taken multiple roles in Midburn since 2013.

I'm very much into philosophy and the Midburn culture.

Why am I on the board?

In Midburn (and anywhere else), I do what I need to do when asked.

I hope use my knowledge and experience and contribute as much as I can.


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