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My Accessibility and I

In Midburn 2016馃敟

We created the Magician Art Installation

placed in the deep deep Playa.

The Magician was the first Art Installation we鈥檝e built,

It was born and matured for 6 months.

A dream that weaved into reality against the backdrop of the endless horizon of the Playa.

I managed to power it up,

hear its famous countdown once....

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ZERO!!!!!

and then I said goodbye

I knew that once the vehicles leave the site, before licensing.

There would be no way for me to come back to visit the Magician again.

While being in the camp, I heard over and over again people passing by

And counting the Magician countdown.

That's how I knew they鈥檇 reach it,

In the deep deep deep Playa.

Touched it and listened to it.

Since then, every year

Me and the crew create art installations.

On the last day of build period, before licensing... As the vehicles leave Playa.

I know it's only a brief farewell, as soon the wonderful accessibility carriages will come to take me back to the Playa.

Midburn accessibility is growing and growing.

I accompany, with much love,

Art Installations and dreams in the Art Fund.

And sometimes, as an Angel in the Art Department.

And Accessibility accompanies me.


Me and accessibility joke around...

I tell her,

Without you, I would've been spending my Burn in the parking area.

(Well, that's partly true, because my camp鈥 Would鈥檝e carry me if needed)

It鈥檚 crystal clear to me,

I wouldn't have made it to the big fires...

I wouldn't have seen the Art Installations I鈥檝e dreamed and built....

And I wouldn't have taken part in the pure magic of all the Art Installations I accompanied in a long significant process.

Without Accessibility

And the incredible people who makes it accessible馃А馃敟

Simone Dre Loria


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