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Midburn City Map

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Here it is, finally


Here are the streets, the town squares, the camps, the art and the free camps.

Here is sunset, sunrise, cold, heat and dust. Lots of dust!

So yes the final map is ready and you can really feel it coming

So delicate


We are waiting and longing to walk your streets!

The names of the streets bear the names of constellations,

in honour and to represent this year's theme- Return.

"… The stars are coming home and so are we.

But an important thing to ask us to forget is that returning to a specific location in the sky is only in relation to the position of the observer, because in fact the stars do not return to the same position, but to the same position in relation to us. Such is our return to Midburn as a place but only in relation to the place to which each and every one of us came from… "

The Map - pdf file

Midburn-2021CityMap Sep 19
Download PDF • 1.35MB


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