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Midburn 2022 - Here We Go

Updated: Jun 9, 2022


The countdown begins… In 153 days the gate opens.

Time to officially get excited.

On the 10/10 The city Gates will open (yayy).

Midburn 2021 was marked by a comeback, we returned home, we established our temporary city in the desert and we lived.

This year we are excited that Midburn is planning a Transition year

For almost a full decade we have been going through Transitions every time the city is built up and disappears.

We all Transition to the next phase. Evolving and growing, we move in transitions as a community. From our core and immediate communities to the global communities that have undergone quite a few changes and Transitions themselves.

The theme of Transitions comes from the understanding that we are coming back to life with a memory of where we have been in the last two years and the flexibility required to sustain and Gather for a week in the desert, in a city where the rules of the game are a bit different. We go through the ten principles and experience the dust, the society, ourselves, and the world we all create together.

The city of Midburn is an intense Transition generator.

The passages are already revealed in the decision to embark on the journey back home, to Midburn.

The process of dreaming, growing, creating, connecting and building friendships, disappointments, difficulties, understandings, belonging and realization.

The road is full of gates, full of small and large milestones which every step beyond them, gives us their mark.

We cuddle up at the city gates, enduring the passage until hugging it out at the dusty city gates.

And we materialize.

This is us at home.


So… participation (start by dreaming it and let the smile take over your face).

Start the journey of participating in the creation of the city of Midburn.

Registration for: art installations / live performances / art carz

Registration for: Theme Camps

The weekly newsletter “The Bear” (Ha’Dov) will collect the information and the journey stories and deliver it directly to your email along with other seasonal delights.. Link to sign up for “The Bear”:

Midburn offers infinite ways to participate, creating transformative experiences of development and change in the participants' worlds. What will happen this time? Which transitions will we go through in the journey? We’re excited to find out.

Slowly but surely, all the pieces of the puzzle will join to reveal the glorious picture - the city of Midburn.

The desert awakes.



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