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Message to the Midburn Community

Dear community,

We find ourselves in the midst of the most challenging and harrowing time in our lives and generation. The Black Saturday and the ongoing war have left us heartbroken and grieving.

Yet, from our collective sorrow, the true force of the nation emerged - its people.

Israelis have mobilized, demonstrating unwavering support through army reserves, volunteering, donations and support for the largest community effort in Israel’s history.

It is through participation, communal strength, and radical self-reliance that Israel will find its way to recovery.

We take immense pride in witnessing the spontaneous civil initiatives that have flourished, illuminating the resilient spirit that makes Israel our homeland.

In these trying times, the Midburn Association has focused its efforts on several key fronts:

Participants of the Production Weekend:

Our best and brightest, the pioneers who have dedicated their time and energy to the production effort, woke up to a war zone and unprecedented terror. Since October 7th, the Midburn Association has made their well-being our top priority. A robust community support system, facilitated by volunteers and supported by professional psychologists and therapists, has been established. Personal conversations, sharing circles, and inclusion initiatives are facilitated to provide solace and support. Simultaneously, assistance is being offered in submitting relief applications to the state. The entire organization stands united in aiding these individuals, committed to doing everything necessary to help them overcome the profound trauma they have experienced.

Playa unplugged:

Amid the terrible disaster that befell the country, we pondered what Midburn could do and how it would look. While we were thinking of alternative spaces that inspire and give hope, we received an exciting proposal from community members who proposed an initiative that would do good for both the community and the displaced families from the south. Embracing this idea, we swiftly organized together an event set to open its doors in Gaash next week (19-24 of November). Further details about the event and volunteering opportunities can be found on our website and social media platforms. Do you have an initiative you wish to lead? Contact us on this email -

And let's make it happen together.


Acknowledging the financial concerns raised by our community, we want to assure you that we are committed to returning all funds according to the terms and conditions of the event. Our finance and ticketing teams are diligently working on this process. While the refund process is taking longer than expected due to technical limitations, we have already refunded half of the total amount (4 out of 8 million ILS). We appreciate your patience as we aim to complete the remaining four rounds of refunds by the end of the month. For specific cases requiring individual attention, such as ticket transfers and credit card cancellations, please follow the provided links:

  • For ticket transfers, if you received a ticket from another participant, please fill out the following form:

  • If you canceled the payment method used for the purchase, please fill out the following form:

We urge purchasers not to initiate transaction disputes with credit card companies, as this negatively impacts the organization and requires additional resources (appeals, calls to buyers to cancel the dispute, legal processes).

“Midburn Talks” Protocol:

"Our 'Midburn Talks' Facebook group, with its staggering 29,000 members, serves as our digital space for open and inviting community discussions. A dedicated team of volunteers from the communication department diligently oversees the group's dynamics. They are responsible for reading every post and comment, responding, sharing, updating, and yes, even deleting posts when necessary. In response to recent tensions and difficult discourse in the digital space, the team has developed a precise protocol to maintain a space where everyone can express themselves freely while preventing harm to others. This protocol will be published in a separate post. In cases requiring intervention, the administrators will act transparently and proportionately to ensure the well-being of all members.

In closing, we extend a heartfelt hug to everyone in need. Our thoughts and prayers are with the safe return of abductees to Israel and the safe return of all soldiers home. May life here soon return to its course.

With love,

The Midburn Board


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