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Message Regarding the Postponement of the Midburn Event 2023

Dear Midburn Community,

Just this morning, as the picture becomes clearer around the terrible disaster that occurred in the country yesterday, we understand the magnitude of the miracle in successfully evacuating the production team from the field over the preparation weekend. Our hearts break in the face of the dimensions of the disaster that happened in several locations around us, and our hearts go out to the families of the victims, the injured, and the missing. The dimensions of the disaster are beyond comprehension.

During yesterday afternoon, we took in people from the "Nova" party as we saw them running in the fields. we gathered some of them with us, and to the others that kept running away our volunteers provided them with water to drink in the fields under fire. Towards the end of our evacuation efforts, we managed to coordinate with military forces to rescue people from the party who had hidden and informed us of their location, and we were relieved to hear that they were rescued safely.

Additionally, after long hours of waiting, with great relief, we are pleased to announce that one of the event production team members has been released to his home after sustaining minor injuries, another participant from the event was rescued by security forces from the difficult situation in the dining hall at Kibbutz Beeri, and another visitor is found safe and sound.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received information about our deares Hagit Rafaeli Mishkin, the head of our billing and credits department, who has lost contact with us. Our hearts and prayers are with her, and we are in contact with her family and authorities in the field, trying to locate her in every possible way and we hope for her safe return to her children.

We have awakened to a new reality in the State of Israel. Most of our efforts at this time revolve around providing emotional support to our people who were in the field, by our “safe zone” team, and subsequently to the rest of the community as needed. If you need a listening ear, we are here as announced yesterday.

There are additional efforts being organized in the local communities for the benefit of all, and support for the participants of the Midburn community who are currently providing aid. This is the call of the hour to act in an immense community effort, and the association and its volunteers are at the disposal of everyone. we pray for the safe return of our participants being called up for reserve duty.

The event setup will not commence next week. It is clear to us that the city of Midburn will not be able to stand at the planned location for the event in less than a month. We are announcing a postponement to an unknown date at this stage, further details about cancellations and more details will be provided soon. It is still too early, and the circumstances are complex.

Once again, our hearts, prayers, and efforts are with the victims, the missing, and their families. We hope that days of peace and healing will come upon us soon.

From all of us.


Oct 08, 2023

Does that include the victims, the missing, and their families of Palestinians as well? Or just Israeli party goers?

Remo Schlosser
Remo Schlosser
Oct 09, 2023
Replying to

In the end, we are all simply human beings who yearn for a peaceful existence. War represents a profound tragedy for each and every one of us. I earnestly hope that this conflict will come to an end soon. My prayers are for peace to prevail in the hearts of all, regardless of their backgrounds.

I extend my gratitude for your support to those of us in need. During these trying times, I send you love and strength.

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