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LNT - Leave - No - Trace - Thank you!

As human beings, we have a lot of influence on our environment, especially in establishing a temporary city in an agricultural area, and this is our place as a community and also as individuals to adopt more beneficial habits and principles for our environment.

MOOP - Matter Out Of Place

Any material that is out of its place.

It can be anything, actually. Everything we bring with us comes back with us.

We are essentially talking about waste that will be created before, during, and after the event.

Waste that will come with the camp members and such that you might leave behind without intending to.

Such behavior can create environmental damage that may change our nature forever.

First of all, we do not bring equipment that we cannot take back.

Another thing is simply not to leave waste behind us.

Moreover, take responsibility! even for waste we didn’t create. If we see waste (that may not be ours), we pick it up instead of keeping it on the ground. After all, we all happen to drop something and not notice.

Found MOOP? This is the time to practice your squatting skills to bend down and pick it up. Two good things in one action!

Cooking a gourmet meal? Bon appétit - packaging can be minimized even before you arrive at the

playa, and voilà, you just minimized additional waste!

Don’t expect others to clean up after you - camps, Theme Camps, and art installations - leaving no trace is the responsibility of all the participants, and it is our collective responsibility to leave it clean together.

Thank you!


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