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Last places in fire tribe

‏So which roles are open for volunteering? I’m glad you’ve asked!

‏Firstly, we have our awesome Fire Guard!

‏Perimeter - Maintain the safety perimeter for during an installation burn.

‏Safety - Guard the fire performers during the ceremony and guard the rest of the crowd during the burn

‏Keepers - Quarter managers / small fire managers.

‏Catchers - are the last line of defense before the NO GO ZONE.

‏Ravens - First response team for emergencies within the perimeter.

Logistics - the team that prepares everything before everyonez

‏Here is a short video explaining the different roles:

‏And here is a sign up for for the Fire Guard:


‏Secondly, we have our incredible Fire Ceremony which will blow you away like playa dust in the wind!

‏For the Fire Ceremony we are looking for:


Fire artists

‏Here is a short video about the Fire Ceremony:

‏And here is a sign up for the Fire Ceremony :

‏Now fill the form and tag one friend who is a Raven and one friend who is a dancer and don't tell ‘em which is which!

‏P.S We really wish we can approve all volunteering requests (Honestly we would love to.. More people = More hugs and shenanigans) so there will be lessa qualification process by who fits

which role and attendance at our training sessions before Midburn.


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