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Kick-Off Party | Recap

One moment to just be.

That was definitely a kick-off party!

Between the day to day tasks and running around and doing, we suddenly were able to stop and remember why we are here and what we are here for.

It is this elusive magic that is so hard to explain in words, but when we experience it, it simply can not be ignored- And the heart expands.

Standing on the playa in the centre of Tel Aviv was truly exciting.

To be able to chat with strangers and become good friends in a second.

We made connections and weaved together dreams of wonder.

To belong, to embrace loved ones, to play, to frolic, to sing, to see and speak art, to become enamoured by people's creativity, from their opinions and from the radical inclusion.

So to sum it up - Wednesday night, in the middle of the city, my heart went home.

Definitely a start,

And it feels like the movement is right

We howl at our own homecoming



Photography: Mika Gurevitz


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