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Introducing the LNT Department

The volunteers of the LNT Department (formerly known as MOOP [Chashlash in Hebrew]) are excited to present one of the community's core principles and our new branding for the quantum leap made this year:

LNT - Leave No Trace.

Which in Hebrew is also - לנ"ת - להשאיר נקי תודה (Pronounced La-nut, literally "Leave Clean, Thanks").

Because if we don't keep our home clean, there won't be a home.

While searching for things we wanted to take for the leap but would not be left dusted, we returned to mother, or more precisely, to the mother organization. LNT is one of the Ten Principles of the umbrella organization and one of our biggest challenges as a community - ensuring the area where we build our temporary city remains clean, traceless, and without waste left behind. The responsibility lies with every single member of the community, both new and experienced, and as a department, we help make this happen.

MOOP is an acronym for "Material Out Of Place", while LNT is both the guiding principle and the new name of our department. Together with you, dear Burners, veterans, virgins, and beloved members, we'll "leave it clean, thanks"!

So, what does the LNT Department do, you ask?

  • Responsible for managing the challenge of keeping the area clean.

  • Operate the waste transfer station where you'll come to transfer your waste for recycling.

  • Accompanies community members and supports all topics related to the environment, sustainability, and proper waste management.

  • Certifies the areas of each camp after they've been cleaned with the help of LNT ninjas on the ground.

  • And of course, takes on one of the most important tasks in the Burn - the legendary Resto team. The Resto team are the folks who stay behind after the dust settles and make sure to pack up the home until next year.

That's all for now, see you in the next post.

Thank you,

The LNT Team.


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