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Independent Water Supply Rules for Camps (Including Pools)

  1. Background

    1. At the event, a temporary city is constructed comprising tent areas and Theme Camps. This includes shades, tents, mattresses, facilities, and more.

    2. During the event days, for health reasons and operational management, there's an exclusivity agreement with a single supplier for water supply and greywater removal.

    3. Before the city gates open (the event), during the Build days, camps can supply their own water tanks and water.

    4. These rules aim to provide camps with professional knowledge to self-supply water before the event starts, ensuring proper hygiene, safeguarding camp members, and complying with licensing conditions that include a health component.

    5. This is a new procedure requested by camp leaders for 2023. Further clarifications can be sought from the city's sanitation officer; there may be additional instructions and changes. Please be patient.

  2. Definitions

    1. Drinking Water Tank ("Water Tank"): Any water container that has a certification that it was only in contact with drinking water (a document known to water tank/cube suppliers) \ receipt for a new tank from the store \ signed statement from the tank owner that it was used only for drinking water contact.

    2. Camp: For this document, any living area containing tents, shades, caravans, etc.

    3. Greywater Removal: During the event days, this will be carried out solely by the "Sela'it" event supplier. After the event, another supplier can be used. Under no circumstances should water/greywater be dumped on the playa.

  3. Instructions for Use and Preparing Tanks Before the Event

    1. If the tank arrives full to the event, submit on-site \ in the attached link, a certification from the water sources company (Mekorot) stating the outlet from which the tank was filled - certifying drinking water (this document is known to water suppliers).

    2. Disinfect and chlorinate the tank by a certified professional and bring with you \ upload to the link the certification document (if the tank is rented - tank suppliers are familiar with the said certification).

    3. Bring \ upload to the link a certification that the tank was only in contact with drinking water \ receipt for a new tank from the store \ a signed statement from the tank owner.

    4. Water Tanker: All of the above is also true for a water tanker. In addition, if there's a tanker supplier coming to fill water during the days before the event, the tanker must have a standard certificate for water transportation and not transport hazardous materials. Please upload the relevant documents in the following link.

    5. Link for uploading all documents

  4. Water Pools

    1. A water pool \ inflatable pool as part of a Theme Camp or installation, should be filled only with drinking water.

    2. At the end of the event, water should be pumped out and not spilled on the playa.

    3. A pool \ inflatable pool should be fenced off outside of operating hours. During operating hours, ensure that children do not enter without the supervision of a responsible adult to prevent accidents. If the camp is defined as a children's and families camp, fence the pool to prevent children from falling in.

    4. If a water pool is erected (not an inflatable - referring to a depth of over 40 cm), it must be chlorinated, and a proper filter and pump should be used throughout the event.

    5. If the pool is open for public use or a "pool party" is planned, a certified and fit lifeguard is needed during the activity.


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