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Entrance to the Event

The moment has arrived, and soon we'll all fill our hearts with light, but first, a few important notes about entering the event.

Event Location - 'Maarava' event complex in Gaash

Event Dates - 19.11.23 to 24.11.23

From Sunday to Thursday from 14:00 to 22:00

On Friday from 10:00 to 15:00

● Entry is free of charge.

● The entrance ticket is valid for one day.

● There is a limit on the number of simultaneous participants in the complex, so everyone attending the event needs to be ticketed (this is how we count) - here's a link to the tickets

● Currently, redemption is limited to one ticket per participant, to allow as many community members as possible to attend (if we can allow more, we will open this up).

● Those who have registered to participate in a department or join an installation/content will receive a link to a ticket by SMS after the leader has passed on their details to us (we are collecting the list at these very moments, allocations are supposed to go out on Friday the 17.11)

Those on reserve duty and unexpectedly available, who didn't manage to register for a daily ticket and wish to attend, please contact via email - We've taken you into account and will be happy to help.

Safety Rules at the Venue

● Maximum number of simultaneous attendees in the complex: 700

● There is no protected space for this number of participants (with the approval of the Home Front Command).

● There is a protected area with a concrete ceiling, at the southern entrance of the building.

● This area will be clearly marked with signage, staff members and nomads will assist with directions.

● It should be emphasized that this is not a standard protected space but a relatively protected area - stay there according to the instructions of the Home Front Command.

● As of now, the Gaash area is defined by the Home Front Command as a green zone, if there are changes in instructions due to the security situation, we will all need to show flexibility.

● Home Front Command instructions in a green zone are:

Gatherings of up to 1,000 people are allowed,

If there is no protected space, the instruction is to enter a closed building.

If there is no building enclosed from all sides, lie on the ground and place protective hands over the head.

Stay in this position for about ten minutes after the alarm, to protect the body from falling shrapnel.

● No entry of pets except for service dogs.

● There is a protected garden on the premises, we ask not to pick anything.

Important!! We fear there will be a parking shortage at the location - we would greatly appreciate it if you could try to carpool to reduce the number of vehicles arriving at the event.

In just a moment, we'll embrace again, and fill the playa with wonder.


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