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Ticketing Plan - Chapter 1, Season 2022 - Pricing

Midburn 2022 ticket prices, as determined in the board meeting of 8/6/2022:

Participation Ticket | Price: 1,140 NIS

Quantity: 6,400

Low Income Ticket | Price: 570 NIS

Quantity: 375

Field Setup Ticket* | Price: 570 NIS

Quantity: 200

* includes two periods of participation in the setup team, or as department head.

Field Setup and Teardown Ticket | Price: 285 NIS

Quantity: 100

* includes participation in one period of setup, and one period of teardown.

Contribution Ticket | Price: 3,500 NIS

Quantity: 25

Child Ticket

Ages 0-3: free

Ages 3-14: 200 NIS

Ages 14-18: 570 NIS

Quantity: 400

Car Ticket | Price: 60 NIS

Quantity: 3,840

RV Ticket | Price: 160 NIS

Quantity: 150

* Sale dates, according to ticket types, will be published later on.

Some details

Ticket prices increased by about 70 NIS compared to Midburn 2021. This year we all struggle financially, as prices go up sharply. We depend on transportations, fuel, and especially our suppliers and contractors which also experience higher expenses.

We have thus increased the number of low income tickets, offer a special price for active participation in setup and teardown, and as always allow multiple payments.

How is the money spent?

We have prepared a budget plan that covers all our yearly expenses including the central event. The budget plan also takes into account past obligations for the COVID19 years, totaling 300,000 NIS.

In the following years we are also required to comply with the requirement of the association’s inspection committee (2016), according to which the association must create a 1 million NIS emergency surplus. Our goal is to reach that amount within 3 years, from the year 2023 on. This year we will be covering our debt, and next year we will begin to accumulate a surplus.

We are a non-profit organization, and some of our budget supports community culture and production departments, whether it's capes for our Nomads (Rangers), or various training activities. We dedicate 10% of our budget to unexpected expenses, which will be reported with transparency following the event.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the budget plan:


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