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Community meetup

Let’s meet, get excited, raise some dust, create new connections, ask questions and receive answers, get updates on the city and feed each other with love to our stunning pluralistic city.

In the meetup we’ll have what we bring.

Do you have questions - why, how, how much? Kabira, Midburn’s CEO and members of the board, will be there to answer everything.

Do you have an important topic you want to raise for discussion? This is the place and time.

Do you have a poem that you have to share with everyone? We’re listening!

Do you have a short talk on burn culture? Talk to us.

You’re invited to tell us what else you’d want to have in the meetup.

Come! Bring a cup and something to drink and/or snack on.

We meet on 17.8


14 Techia St, Tel Aviv


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