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The Bear Has a Lot to Say - New updates

Your bear has had quite a hectic week. Voices were heard from all sides (but only until 23:00…too soon?). The final sale is now behind us, We have gate opening hours, we have a map, we have the first spike driven into the desert ground tomorrow!

This week we want to tell you about some major guidelines, cool community initiatives that have emerged, avideo about what happens to all the food we want to leave and also just to spend a few pleasant bearish minutes of the end of summer with you.

So gather round, sit back, turn on the speakers (last sound joke, I promise)

Because here we go!

Open sesame

You don’t need any password to go through these gates (just a ticket).

You can read about all the details here: Midburn city gates opening hours

But basically we are planning on opening the gates at 2pm on October 10th (palya gods willing, and barring any surprises).

I’m so excited I might just skip a nap!

The Map

The final map is here, and it is a thing of beauty, you can check out where you are located, what are the good drinking spots around you, maybe get to know your neighbors.

You can download it here: Midburn 2022 is on the map


There is so much happening, so many exctinig news about our city beginning to rise from the dust, but there is also critical information on gas and electricity. I urge you to read the guidelines and be prepared. You wouldn’t want a burnt bear on your conscious would you?

What a cool community we have

This week we came across two initiatives that seemed really interesting to us and we wanted to tell you all about them. If you are also cooking up something cool like this that you would like to publish, contact us at

Both initiatives are the responsibility of the community members and have no direct connection to your friendly Midburn bear.

The first initiative is a Burner Exchange Program! Yes, yes, you heard correctly. The idea is to allow people to get to know new camps (or installations) in a slightly different way than passing by and through.

This is how it works - you all know that many of us have been in the same camp for years right? If not years, then at least a week in the desert, feeling the vibe and how exciting it is when you're part of something... and how interesting it can become to go to another camp and feel what's going on over there, to be part of something different and unfamiliar for a few hours...

Every camp that wants to participate opens shifts on the form and every burner that wants to participate (from any camp or per camp) can offer themselves for a shift. Camps fill up until the 25.9 and then we can be assigned to which shifts we want according to the list that will be published.

You can read more here

Or just register.

How fun!


The second initiative is the "Make a Gift" application. that allows everyone to upload their gift to the virtual space, and allow others to see and choose. Those who want can add another layer to the amazing experience they call the Burn.

Make a Gift allows everyone to upload their gift to the virtual space, and allow others to see and choose. In addition to raising the gifts to scale (which is a high-tech word for big), there is another layer - 'What's burning' - which gives an answer to the schedule and lineup during the Burn. After all, one such does not exist. Not in advance. Everything happens here and now.

And look, I'm there too! Go to this post to read more -

If you are on IOS - just download it from here -

Or to this link to get on the waiting list if you have Google -


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