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Appeal to the Exceptions Committee


If youre reading this then you probably have something unusual to share and this time its not about your silver fish net costume or your love of dancing in a fur coat at noon.

The Exceptions Committee handles two types of requests:

  1. A request for an event ticket allocation, for exceptional reasons.

  2. A request for a temporary visit of a relative during the event (12-16 hours).

The exceptions committee consists of a number of Midburn association members, discusses each requests according to an orderly procedure (here) and decides one way or the other.

applications must be submitted by September 6, 2022 using the form at the following link:

Each case will be examined on its own merits, but there are several guiding principles or cases that we will consider:

Temporary visits:

Family event: wedding, bar mitzvah, etc. The possibility of allowing the visit of first degree relatives to participate will be examined.

Participant's child accompanied by an adult: with an emphasis on whether the participant also took part in the pre-burn construction days and therefore could not see the child for a long time.

A medical condition that does not allow full participation in the event (see regulations)

Event ticket allocation for exceptional reasons:

Family reunification: The spouse of a ticket holder who was unable to purchase a ticket. Priority will be given to people with active roles at the event who have children and need the other parent to be with them.

Exceptional cases: write to us why you or your friend need a ticket, and why you were unable to get one, and we will examine the request.

In the form you will be asked to attach any relevant documents (optional).

Please note: we are a team of volunteers and took on this responsibility out of love for the community.

Our aim is to accommodate special requests when possible while improving the event of all of us. We believe none of us want it to become over crowded, or people coming on the expense of others. We try to examine the requests in the most fair way and respond from a clean place.

If your request was not approved, you can try and purchase a ticket at the OMG sale that will take place on September 15, 2022

In exceptional cases, you can contact the Exceptions Committee directly at this email:



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