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Accessibility & Special Needs Ticket Registration Form

If you are a special unicorn with requirements for accessibility, the accessibility department is looking to provide you with wings!

We’ll be happy if you can prepare wands and staff (or maybe just contact us) so we can understand how we can help you soar even higher in this burn.

The accessibility department works every year on innovation, progress and a lot of pleasant and refreshing fluff!

Whether you are virgins with a twist or experienced burners with special abilities, we’ll be happy if you contact us, update that you’re arriving, and we can update you with activities, innovations, information or even arm you with some fairy dust and tips that will enable you to connect to the playa. 

You can also request ticket allocation by filling out the form: 

The form registration will close on: 04/08

Ticket sale on: 10/08

You are welcome to contact the department with any issue and request.


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