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A few words before the event

There are dozens of good reasons to come to Playa Unplugged. We would like to tell you about all of them, but we will limit ourselves to a few and you will discover the rest yourself.

For example, giant backgammon and checkmate games, or card activities and even a three-dimensional puzzle, to remember that a game is the most effective distraction.

Magical chilling grounds in a mushroom forest, a bird's nest or a wishing well invite us for a moment to breathe, embrace, share.

And of course dozens of heartwarming installations that will sparkle and decorate the playa around us, including a special one that even survived Kibbutz Be’eri.

What’s more? Schlaffy's Circus in a mesmerizing atmosphere, Venus in Furs that will offer burn-style clothing complexes, Pijam's pajama party, an entertaining cinema - the absurd cinema of the Crazens, food and drink stalls,

And a variety of performances, creative and spiritual workshops, movement sessions, activities for children and more…

Families of evacuees from the surrounding / north

Since the idea arose, we have contacted a number of welfare officials who take care of families from the south who have moved to the area to invite them to join us at the event (and try to find out what the families would like to see at the event), as of now we have been told that for those specific families it is not relevant at this stage. If someone in our community belongs to one of the settlements that were evacuated in the south or north (or is connected to the community of one of these settlements) - we would be happy to consult with you, if you could please write to us by email -

General instructions

Food and Drink

The place is kosher and the following guidelines must be followed:

● You are allowed to bring food and drink from home, but you are only allowed to eat in the grove at the entrance to the compound. It is forbidden to bring food from home into the compound (not even in the outer squares) - there is a kosher supervisor.

● Drinks / alcohol / food in closed packages only, everything should have a kosher stamp.

In addition, there will be a community bar, we are opening it up to the community

and offer everyone to bring their favorite drink and/or alcohol to the bar.

● Bring reusable cups.

As of this time, the Ga’ash area is defined by the Home Front Command as a green zone, in case of any change in the instructions due to the security situation, we will all have to be flexible.

Soon we will publish all the information regarding entry to the event and registration.

Excited to hug soon.


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