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volunteer : Manage Midburn artist relations as part of the “Midburn Gallery”

Wanted - a volunteer to manage Midburn artist relations as part of the “Midburn Gallery”

In the past year, as part of the association’s vision to create inspiring spaces, we are promoting the creation of the “Midburn Gallery”: an open space gallery outside the playa that is accessible to all the population, exposing the midburn art to all.

While the details are still being hashed out, we are concurrently looking for you - a coordinator to manage the relationship with the artists that will showcase their art in this gallery.

What are we looking for?

Excellent human relations.

Familiarity with the Midburn world

Organizational and production abilities.

Availability for meetings

  • This is a volunteering role within the content department

Interested? Send an email detailing your desired role and prior experience to or fill out the Application Form:


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