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The Salon

The Salon is both the cultural center and communal space of Midburn city. It is there for you, whoever you are, waiting for you at the heart of home, to accept you as you are whenever you need it. Here you can rest, get to know others, absorb some culture, participate, share, create. In short? To simply feel at home.

This year, the leading theme of the Salon is Interaction.

How do you interact with yourself, with your near surroundings, with others, or with the world?

The Salon creators used this theme in order to design the Salon as an interaction enabling space and to help with curating appropriate content.

The Jomo (joy of missing out) space will boast comfy and relaxing lounge furniture to lazy about, hospitable corners with food, ice and refreshing spray guns and even massage oils and essential oils which help for the sense of smell in all that dust.

The studio and interactive art space will host workshops starting from drawing, throughout sculpting with mud and light, and up to sewing and fashion design.

At night we plan to host video art shows and movie screenings deep into the night.

Bring in your content! Bring us your dreams!

The invisible doors of the Salon will open for anyone who has the (content) key.

So far we’ve accepted into the Salon lectures about shamanism, compassionate communication, atomic energy, nuclear catastrophes, an Acro-balance (Acro-flow) workshop, A singing circle, Jam sessions, Live music and, of course, saloon parties.

So, if you have an appropriate content, then the stage is yours! All you have to do is to fill this form.

With much love

The Salon’s crew.

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