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MOOP Team Update

What will I wear to the masquerade?

The masquerade invites us to take on any form we choose, any character we’ll want to be and any performance we’ll want to show.

So a moment before I choose my costume:

  • I’ll check what I have at home before purchasing a new one.

  • I’ll make sure that there aren’t any elements that may fall, disperse and blow in the wind.

  • I’ll design a matching bag that will fit my non-disposable cup, ashtray and a bottle of water.

It’s important to remember!

We are temporary guests in the desert and we’ll return it to our hosts cleaner than we got it.

With great love, the MOOP team (Matter Out Of Place) and our good hosts that will sublet a different place in the desert while we are partying in our masquerade.


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