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Art & Theam Camp Registration Forms

Dearest Content Leads, Registration forms for Midburn 2022 are open !!! We know that the form is long, but it is important to fill it out carefully and to invest the time in clear and simple wording to allow the Content Team to understand your dream and to be able to offer all the information and support you all need to actualise the dream on the Playya. Please do not skimp out on the details, but no need to fob on. Please note the beginning of the form There is some very important information there, as well as a copy of all the questions of the form so you can properly prepare before filling out the form. Once the form is submitted, it will not be possible to edit or reapply Please note there are 2 Separate forms - One form for art installations / live performances / art carz - One Form - For Theme Camps.

After submitting the form, a summary of the answers will be sent by email to the camp lead who filled in the form. The application forms will close on 30.6.22 at 23:59 On the minute!! We're as excited to see the wonder of what you're all planning for Midburn 2022!! Midburn 2022 Hashtag it has begun


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