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Procedure for Special Cases Committee, Midburn 2021

At every Midburn there are requests for special admission considerations and visitor passes - i.e. tickets and requests for guests to visit the event.

For example: partners holding a wedding ceremony who want to invite a close family member for a few hours, terminally ill people who would like to experience Midburn and burn culture or even couples where one managed to buy a ticket and the other did not.

This procedure will explain how such requests will be handled and provide full transparency about the process.

This procedure will be linked to the ticket page on Midburn's website and/or will be posted on Midburn's official Facebook page.

  1. So how exactly will it work?

  1. For Midburn 2021, up to 80 entrance tickets will be allocated for special cases, as well as up to 80 visitor passes ('guest passes'), subject to the provisions of this procedure.

  2. Requests to the Special Cases Committee must be sent by September 16th 2121, or the day after the end of the "regular" sales (excluding the OMG sale), whichever is later.

  3. All requests must be emailed to

  4. Ticket requests should be submitted by a ticket holder.

  5. Requests for a guest pass should be submitted by a participant who has a ticket and wants to host a visitor for a specific event and/or special reason (visitors passes will not be included in the 80 ticket allocations for full admission).

  6. In the ticket request, the applicant's details must be listed, including the email address with which the first ticket to Midburn was purchased (or there was an attempt to purchase).

  7. In the request of a visitor / guest, the guest's details must also be listed, including name, ID number, and email address.

  8. All requests must include the reason for the request in as much detail as possible and have all of the relevant information attached.

  9. Please include information about yourself as part of the application as it is important for us to get to know you. So include information about you, who you are, what meaning does Midburn have for you, why you are asking for this extraordinary request etc.

  10. The above information is not a mandatory requirement, but will make it easier for us to make an informed decision. If necessary, we might ask for additional information. Please send all relevant information you think will help us grant your request as it will save time in the process and help us make a decision.

  11. The answer to the requests will be sent to the email included by noon on the day the OMG Sale takes place (currently scheduled for the 2.10.2021, subject to change).

  12. Composition of the Special Case Committee and decision processes: Representatives of the association's committee - Dov Shemesh, community representatives - Tamar Shalem and Tzachi Maya.

  13. The decisions of the committee will be made by a majority of votes, priority will be given to requests for which a consensus among the committee members is reached.

  14. A threshold condition for a visitor request is that it is submitted by a participant who has a ticket, participates at the event and takes responsibility for the visitor.

  15. In the event of a breach of the conditions of the pass i.e a guest who stays after the time approved, the 'host' will be summoned for an inquiry where consideration will be given to prevent them from entering other events until the next Midburn.

Guidelines for the committee's activities:

  1. Weddings and other family events (bar mitzvah or anything else):

    1. Because the number of weddings at Midburn increases every year, we find it difficult to approve all the applications - Do not rely on the application itself as a guaranteed approval.

    2. In any case, only applications for close relatives will be considered, and if approved, they will be very limited, i.e. a low single-digit number, with a tendency to approve parents and grandparents only.

    3. It is important to clarify that these are special permits, this is not about converting Midburn to a wedding hall.

    4. Wedding guests whose application will be approved will receive a 12-hour entry and stay permit.

  1. Admission of children with adult escort:

    1. In cases with special reasons, the entry of a child for a few hours may be approved. These are mainly for children of burners that are part of the production, who volunteer for most of the event and are in a position that does not allow them to bring the children to the event itself. If approved, entry will be allowed for a stay of up to 12 hours.

  1. Special medical conditions that preclude any possibility of attending most of the event:

    1. Medical credentials supporting the application are required.

    2. If approved, entry will be allowed for a stay of up to 16 hours.

    3. Depending on the circumstances, the entry of one additional escort may be approved under similar conditions.

    4. The request must be submitted by a participant who arrives at the event, has purchased a ticket, and takes responsibility for the visitor with the medical condition, and for their departure in accordance with the terms of the approval.

  1. Family reunification:

    1. Families with minors- we will consider assigning a ticket to a parent who was unable to purchase a ticket when the other parent purchased a ticket.

    2. Priority will be given to a parent who has volunteered in the production and / or will be bringing content to the event. The rationale for this: The parent who volunteers / brings content, has often been allowed to do so thanks to the help of the other parent.

    3. Married / significant others -will be considered for approval for a ticket in cases where one managed to purchase a ticket and the other did not.

    4. The request must specify the circumstances in which the situation arose - i.e how the married / significant other’s partner tried to purchase tickets and failed before submitting the application.

    5. At previous Midburns, to prevent the splitting of parents / married / significant others, it was possible to purchase 2 tickets through each allotment. The family reunification process was transferred to the Special Cases Committee to allow more freedom in the purchasing process.

  1. Other cases

    1. The Special Cases Committee, as it is called, is designed to try and address special cases that arise from within the community.

    2. The committee is unable to anticipate all possible exceptional circumstances, and therefore reserves the right to exercise discretion to approve special cases that do not appear explicitly in this procedure.

    3. Approval of an application which does not appear explicitly in this procedure shall be subject to consensus among the members of the committee.

    4. Each case will be examined separately.

  1. Transparency report

    1. After the event, a summary of all the data regarding the committee's decisions will be forwarded to Midburn management, in order to be included in the transparency report to be published for the community.

    2. The summary of data for the report will include the following details:

      1. The number of tickets approved by the committee.

      2. The number of visitor passes approved by the committee.

      3. General analysis of the amount of approvals by topic, as they appear in the section headings in this procedure.

    3. The committee will not publish personal details, or other identifying details from the requests, other than a general analysis of the numbers and a general segmentation by topics as described above.

This procedure is based on the following dates: 25-30 / 10/21 event date, last 'regular' participation sale 8/9/21, OMG sale 2/10/21. If these dates change, the dates specified in the procedure will be changed accordingly.


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