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Submit requests for art grants in the public spaces and Artcars for Midburn 2022

The Midburn association’s art foundation is inviting artists and creators to submit requests for art grants in the public spaces and Artcars for Midburn 2022

The Midburn association, through the art foundation, has made it a goal to encourage and promote multidisciplinary and unique art.

The foundation works to initiate and enable any person or group of people who want to create non-conventional art, without borders and boundaries - groundbreaking art that is not influenced by social norms or commercial considerations, and expresses the artist’s viewpoint without these influences.

We are proud to take part in one of the more intriguing, interesting and experiential in Israel.

You are welcome to join!

Some important things to emphasize in the planning of the art:

  • We strongly recommend not to commit to any purchase or financial commitment until you receive a personal email that officially approves eligibility to a grant.

  • Ticket allocation will be given to the artist and their crew, as in any burn. You are requested to update in the submission form a reasonable number of crew members proportional to the size and complexity of the art. The content department is responsible for ticket allocation and the art foundation will recommend a reasonable number if the request will be excessive.

Chapter 1 - Type of grants

  1. The grants are of fixed amounts that are known in advance as stated in this document. This is our way to encourage the artists to create with economical assurance and realistic budget planning.

    1. The requester will choose the grant amount in accordance to the determined grant levels.

The grant level cannot be higher than the total refundable expenses and will be given only for expenses that are stated in section 2b. The eligibility to a grant will be determined by the highest final score, in descending order, in accordance with the scoring procedure and criteria, as stated in chapter 2 (Criteria for receiving a grant).

  1. A request that did not receive enough points in the grant level requested will automatically be moved for consideration in a lower grant level, only if there is a surplus of grants. In any case, a request that did not pass the minimum threshold (76 points) will not be eligible for a grant.

  2. The total grants amount in this call for proposals is 282,000 NIS as follows:

2. Priority will be given to new creations over those that were in the playa in past years.

3. Grants as expense reimbursement only

In accordance to the Registrar of Associations and the tax authority regulations, grants will be dispersed for provided tax receipts of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement. Please read carefully this clause to avoid any unpleasantness in the future.

  1. Expense reimbursements will give given for

    1. Purchases of raw materials and/or the labor to create the raw material for the installation/moving installation.

    2. Degradables (saws, drill bits, leds, etc).

    3. Equipment rental for the art such as computers, projectors, tools, etc.

    4. Delivery and transportation

    5. Use of heavy equipment and oversized transportation.

    6. Safety engineer or any regulatory permit required by the production and is under the requester responsibility.

    7. Rental space required to build the installation for determined durations.

  2. Expense reimbursement will not be give for

    1. Purchase or rental of transportation, including bicycles.

    2. Purchase of computers, projectors or any fixed equipment.

    3. Labor, salary for artists and/or professionals, etc.

    4. Per-diem

    5. Budget for parties/fundraising events.

4. The associations registrar and tax authorities requirements

  1. Private individuals - Submit only the receipts for the expenses. All of the receipts must be written to the Midburn association. Any other name will not be accepted and you will not be able to get reimbursed for it. Original receipts must be kept and sent via snail mail to an address that will be provided later. We tried to prevent this, but it is a strict tax law of the state of Israel.

  2. A licensed dealer/LTD company - will submit on tax receipt to the Midburn association for the entirety of the refund, backed by copies of the receipts (a copy is sufficient). All receipts must be for the company/licenced dealer name. Any other name will not be accepted and you will not get reimbursed for that expense. Tax withholding + bookkeeping must be submitted as well.

5. Artists are required, due to the many changes and reliefs, to be exact in creating the budget submitted to the foundation. An inflated budget will hurt the final score of the installation and its chances of receiving a grant.

6. One of the foundation’s goals is to enable as many creators to receive a grant and with that to create the unique Midburn’s art gallery. We created the ultimate request form (attached) as a lesson from past years experience. The form is a format of a request for a grant such that each question in the form has three excellent answers taken from forms submitted in the past. We highly recommend leveraging it.

7. The submission form in this call for submissions is intended for art installations, moving-art, art-cars and performances. It includes the submission to the art department, safety brief and grant request from the art foundation. What used to be 2-3 different forms was joined to one form.

Chapter 2 - Criteria for grant approval

  1. Vision (25 points)

  2. Interactivity, appearance and affinity to the community (25 points)

  3. Budget and financial conduct (25 points)

  4. Implementation potential (25 points)

The minimal threshold for grant eligibility is 76 points, ensuring that all four criteria will receive some attention during the planning process.

Vision and illustration (25 points) - what is the truth burning within you?

Looking into the future. The vision at the basis of the creation should maintain the tension between simplicity (understood by everyone) and inspiration (enables wide adoption and provides ignition). The vision is an organizing and generating idea from which the creation process begins. The vision should describe the idea, the value perceptions, philosophies, artistic and social qualities.

Illustration - The general plan of how to turn the project from an idea to a complete installation includes attention for the end and teardown of the installation. The construction, erection, transportation, teardown and MOOP plans will be carefully examined here. You should attach sketches, simulations and material selection. Add considerations for challenges and questions that do not have a solution yet.

** Full points to this criterion will be given for a vision that points to a truth that is burning within you.

Interactivity, the experience and communal affinity (25 points) - Describe the encounter you inspire to create with the participants

Interactive art forms a society around it. It generates roles. It calls for action. She points our attention to the world that surrounds us. The art created at Midburn creates a space of experiences in which the event participants become an active part in your creative process. And as such - partners to the art. The full potential of an interactive art will be achieved as a result of the involvement of the participants.

We challenge you to create something that will inspire, call to get involved, move to participate, raise questions, confuse, amuse, entice, surprise, generate, stir and affect the event’s participants.


There are at least two very different presentation times in the Midburn experience - the day and the night. Each one with its own rules. You should give thought to the appearance of the art, its contribution to the playa and keeping a safe environment both during the sunlit day and at night with lighting.

What is the experience that you wish to create for the participants?

**Full score will be given for an art that incorporated all of the elements and fulfilled the vision. It doesn’t mean that all elements have to be equally dominant, but the proposal should address all of the dimensions. In cases where the art does not incorporate all of the elements, it is desired to address the missing element as part of the art.

Budget and financial conduct (25 points)


The artist will be required to submit a detailed budget after receiving proposals from suppliers. The budget needs to show realistic figures and to be aligned with the technical proposal. It should be noted that a project that does not submit a detailed budget document, will not be examined.

You should leave out of the budget the following items: salary and per diem (not of the artist or professionals), tools purchase, food to the crew and budget for parties/fundraising.

You should include in the budget the cost of materials, labor cost for creating the materials, disposables (drill bits, etc) and transportation costs for the art.

Financial conduct

Financial conduct is the examination of the crew's readiness and understanding of the financial implications of bringing an installation to the playa. This section examines the ability of the crew to raise the resources required to bring the installation both from financial liquidity (if a grant is approved, it will be provided only two months after the event after meeting all of the conditions), and from the ability to raise additional funds if required. A request for grant can be proposed if the budget is at least the grant size and there is proven ability to fill the budgetary gap independently.

  • Where will the funding come from until actual receipt of the grant funds?

  • Is the budget higher than the requested grant? If yes, from what source will the additional come from? You should provide the basis for these sources.

** Full score will be given for a detailed and realistic budget and financial conduct. “The playa will provide” doesn’t hold without proven radical self reliance.

Implementation potential

This section addresses two layers

  1. Crew - The specific abilities of the crew and the relevant background required for building the installation. It is expected that in an initial phase of the proposal submission to the grant there will be crews that lack some required capabilities, therefore the proposal should highlight the lacking capabilities and address the plan to recruit more members.

  2. Timelines - What is the project’s timeline? Midburn has a specific timeline and it is important to us that the art crews will meet it. A crew that knows to details its tasks and when each task should be executed, is a crew that has a much higher odds to successfully bring the planned installation to the Playa.

**Full score will be given for a proposal that will consider all of the elements required in planning and execution as detailed above.

Chapter 3 - Work process with the art foundation and content department

  • 15/5/2022 - Call for proposals publication without opening up proposal submissions

  • 25/5/2022 - Proposal request form and grant requests open

  • 29/5/2022 - First working session of artists and art fund representatives. Further details will be published at a later date.

  • 30/6/2022 - Last deadline for request to proposal and registration of art to the event. The entire process is done through the grant proposal form - an integral part of the form for registering art. At this date the form will be closed for opening or updates until 10/7/2022.

  • 17/7/2022 - Email notification to all proposals on acceptance or rejection of grant requests.

  • TBD - Signing on agreements with the Midburn association. Under the responsibility of the content department (further details will be provided later).

  • 10-15.10/2022 - MIDBURN!!!

  • It is the artists/creators responsibility to arrange 3 day shoots and 3 night shoots of the art that was approved for a grant, and to transfer those to the art foundation after the event with the rest of the required documents. This is a mandatory requirement. During the event - the foundation representatives will tour the grounds and examine the match between the submitted plan and the actual result. The bulk of the examination will be at the level of the installation dimensions, the raw materials and its appearance.

  • 31/10/2022 - First deadline to submit a summary report, including tax forms as required by law. The grant transfer to the artists account will be done no later than 29/11/2022 (on the condition that all required documents were submitted)

  • 30/11/2022 - Last deadline to submit a summary report, including tax forms as required by law. The grant transfer to the artists account will be done no later than 31/12/2022 (on the condition that all required documents were submitted)

  • By law, as part of the conditions to receive the grant, the submitters will be required to declare any familial relationship they have between the association’s managers and salaried workers from the day it was formed until the date of the declaration.

Chapter 4 - Means of communication

All communications of art related matters are under the responsibility of the content department (art) through the wonderful angels crew.

The foundation will be in continuous contact with the angels crew.

Go to the art registration form and grant request (requests can be sent starting 25/5/2022).


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