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An amazing event gonna built(And dismantled!) here.Feel like beinga part of it? Mapatz Update

Mapatz is looking for you!

Want to experience the Masquerade radically?

Shape your body and increase cardio-pulmonary endurance for the party?

This is your chance to taste volunteering at the Mapatz!

Every Burn event begins and ends - with construction and dismantling

And without you, it will not happen!

At the Masquerade, the construction begins on Thursday (March 24) in the morning and the dismantling ends on Saturday (March 26) in the afternoon.

And we need more volunteers who want to work and have fun with us!

Without harnesses the crowded community falls on a small amount of volunteers

We need you.

Full volunteering at the Mapatz at the Masquerade is the right thing for you on your schedule ??? Niceeee

Here is the link to register:

Want to lend a hand only in dismantling? Amazing!

We also will be drained after the party and any help will be received with great love

See you in the dust!


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