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Trumazon (FoodNation) participation

Hello there! It’s the FooDonation team!

In case you haven’t heard of us, we have been gathering food for those in need since Midburn 2015.

Where and when?

On the last day of the event, on 11/11/2023, we will be receiving food donations in the Salon (Center Camp) between 10:00 and 16:00.

What kind of food?

Only fresh dry goods in donation-worthy condition. This means clean and sealed packages. (An open Nutella jar won’t do…)

In addition, you can also bring us food in opened packages, fruits and veggies in good condition, and even alcohol, sweets and snacks. Those will be donated to the Commissary to feed DPW during the Midburn strike.

Note: This is not a chance to get rid of foodstuffs unworthy of consumption just because you don’t want to pack it out with you! Before you bring anything to FooDonation, consider if you would consume this food yourself in its current condition.

Where does the food go?

The majority of the products will be donated to families in need, who live in the Southern parts of Israel. The food donations in 2022 have fed many families in need, in the city of Arad and in the Bedouin diaspora. Along the years we have cooperated with various non-profit organizations to deliver around 50 tonnes of food to those in need. We wish to thank you for taking part in this project.

Volunteering with us:

If you have a ticket for Midburn 2023 and would like to help us process the donations at Midburn City, please fill in the volunteer form here.


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