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Midburn Transitions | Let’s talk THEME a bit

What is a theme?

Every city is built around a central idea (theme). There are those who feel it more, and those that less. Sometimes the reference to the theme is in the process leading up to the city. Sometimes it is while in the city. But almost always, when we look at it retrospectively, we’ll see how the theme is woven into the entire experience.

The theme encompasses us, leads the way, whether we are aware of it or not.

If you think about it, we created a magical reality, we dreamed together our lucid dream and we wanted to return home so profoundly last year - “RETURN” was our theme. And now it is time to inspect deeper at the road we are going through - how do we come out on the other side of it?

Midburn 2022- Transitions

Life is characterized by transitions. From birth to childhood to adulthood. From ideas to creative processes, from dreams to reality, from the familiar to the unknown, from gate to greeters, from the default life to the midburn life - we are constantly in motion, in transition, in growth and change. A transition doesn’t mean a change to something better or worse. It means that there is a process, a change in conscious state, energetic state and social change.

Each transition has two sides, and every time we pass through them we won’t be the same person as the last time.

Just like we won’t be the same every time we create the city.

The Midburn city is an intensive transition generator.

We come together for a week in the desert, in a city that has slightly different rules and norms.

We transition through the ten principles and experience the dust, the people, ourselves and the world that we create.

Since a decade ago in October, we have been going through evolutions and changes every time the city rises and disappears. We are moving through transitions.

At the moment we decide to start the journey back home, to Midburn, the transitions already begin.

The process of the dream, maturation, creation, connections, friendships, disappointments, difficulties, belongings and realizations. Every step in the path makes a mark on us - from the many gates to the little and large waystones.

We are ticketed at the gates of the city, take off our shells during the transition, until the hug at the greeters gate.

That’s it, we are at home




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