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Purim from my eyes - Kabira's blog

Purim is one of my favorite holidays,

It always makes me smile,

Such inner joy, which climbs for her from the depths of being bursts out with a big smile.

Purim was celebrated with us in the extended family, at a big Purim party where everyone would dress up, I waited for the age when I could join this party, celebrate with my uncles and cousins, once we dressed up in a family costume and other times it was in a personal costume, but everyone dressed up. These are moments that are engraved in my heart and I remember them with great love.

I have always "dressed up" on Purim, I was not one of the teenagers who went through this stage, maybe because it was the family vibe but I also somehow felt that there was an opportunity here, always, to do something different, it was never just a costume,

It would go into character for 3 days.

Whether it's change speech, accent, posture, anything that helped me feel it from the inside out,

3 days where I allowed myself to be someone or something else.

The connection of Purim and Midburn for me is natural,

Midburn allows us to connect to personas and characters within us that we do not always give them a place on a daily basis, just like Purim, but in a different wrapper, here it's a costume and here it's self expression, it's the next step I'm not just a princess wearing a ruffle, I allow my whole being , Or a frog, or anything I fancy.

Midburn's Masquerade in Masada invites us, the creators, the artists, the members of the community, everyone, to come and celebrate Purim and Midburn together.

We return to Desert Play for one day in Midburn,

What it means?

This means that there are theme camps that bring their own gift,

It means there is art, performance, live stage,

Play games,

This means that whatever you bring and want to have, has a place.

Just like in Midburn. But in the guise of a prom.

This is also an opportunity,

Opportunity to invite you,

You that the desert city tickles your face along with apprehension, from a week in the dust and in the desert.

We invite you to play with us, with exaggerated and wonderful members of a community that knows how to truly celebrate, absolutely and radically,

Allow your self-expression to be revealed,

Any character you want to be,

Or any character you are,

Invite her to celebrate with you and with you.

I already know who I'm going to bring,

What about you ?

See you at the prom



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