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Midburn 2022 is on the map

A dream!

7500 people

158 camps

183 installations

We are happy to introduce the final Midburn 2022 map.

Look for your camp, imagine a place for your installation, or plan paths such that you never go through the same street twice :-)

How was the map created?

After publishing a draft of the map we received comments and suggestions for improvements, most of which were implemented. The leaders of those that were not implemented (due to constraints) received emails and phones to explain the reasons.

However, with the constraints on the sound due to the law, our way of thinking about the content in the city had to change as well.

For example, the nightly party route that was planned for 10PM became irrelevant and was changed to be the big day party route.

Camps with medium volume sound were spread around the city.

The central and big part of the map, spanning the 6:00 road, is the family zone which is also full of content.

The “Avenue of the Stars” is full of noon events and amazing nightly performances and is located on Gibraltar street between 4:00 and 5:00.

And you definitely don’t want to skip streets 7:00 and 8:00 that are active during most hours of the day.

18+ camps are located in the area of 5:00 and Hormos.

The Salon portal will be happy to host you at all hours of the day. We added to it two additional portals at 8:00 and Akashi and at the center of the Avenue of the Stars.

And what about Art?

The many art installations are spread in the playa, deep playa and the city. Small, big, wonderful and original installations that were all built for the first time this year.

A giant and hypnotizing gallery will rise from the sand in three weeks time!

The art location crew chose the “hidden hand” method to locate art - that is, no specific locations will be assigned for most installations (75%), but rather enable a free hand for the artists to choose the best location for their art themselves when they arrive at the location. No one knows better than the artist where the best location to place their art.

The map shows only big, burning and installations that have special constraints for the location.

How will it be executed?

The artists arriving at the event location will receive in the Artery multiple suggestions for possible locations and will choose the location themselves.

Our stunning city is the result of a big investment, cooperation and integration between the participants and the content they bring, which makes it bigger and richer from the sum of its parts.

It was a pleasure to imagine and dream about our city!

See you on the playa.

Download PDF • 1.52MB
שמות רחובות מידברן 2022
Download PDF • 3.38MB


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