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Items prohibited in the city

  1. Avoid costumes with feathers, plastic glitter or parts that break apart and fall on the desert soil.

  2. Explosives, flares, or fireworks.

  3. Weapons of any kind, including air guns, airsoft guns or paintballs. Since there will be no possibility to deposit weapons at the entrance, you will say goodbye to them forever and they will be recycled.

  4. Gasoline tanks, gasoline-powered generators or gasoline-powered stoves.

  5. ATVs, kick scooters, electric bikes or scooters. Motorcycles that are not the means of transport used to get to the event.

  6. dogs or other animals.

  7. Personal camping portable stoves with a disposable gas tank of all types.

  8. Personal camping gasses with a disposable gas tank (punching, screwing, pressure valve 3/5)

  9. Ask about weapon deposits at the Arad police station: address: Yehuda 47-41, Arad; Phone: 08-955-1222


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