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Central Installation - Unity 2023

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We are very excited to announce that our Effigy for 2023 will be Unity, led by the international team OWN WAY.

This year we received three excellent submissions. Each submission addressed and answered everything requested of them - sketches, budgets, team, work schedules, and more. All three are beautiful in their own ways. We thank all three of them for their time, desire and creativity. There was one, however, that stood out from the rest in its originality and inspiration to transformational experience and to the theme of Quantum Leap for this year.

The Effigy/Temple installations are very important anchors in Midburn, and as such they require special attention when choosing them. This is why we have created a committee consisting of knowledgeable people with experience in building, engineering, community, budgets, pyrotechnics, art and leadership. 9 people plus two advisors decide together which would be the best choices.

Below are a few excerpts from their submission about the project and the team:

“Two figures, where one is standing still, and another is caught during their leap to become one with the first one."

"The idea is not just a thought that we are all connected and live each other's lives and experiences in turn, but that all our own states are impermanent, and sometimes change from one to another in an instant. The art piece embodies this common constant state of change and transition for all of us."

"We want to build an art piece about this sort of connection, because in the last few years, we have been stunned by how quickly your condition, status, and role can change. Today you are happy, and tomorrow you've lost everything; today you are a citizen of your country, and tomorrow an immigrant; today you are lonely, and suddenly you meet that special person..."

"You are always one quantum leap away from a totally new world around you."

"We are OWN WAY – a group of friends, which have already became a family. We are artists, architects, designers, photographers, constructors, writers, doctors, producers, bartenders... We all have our own ways, but when they cross, we create art. We've built Cradle of Mir at Burning Man 2013, Russian library at BM 2014, Own Way art at BM 2015, The Moment at AfrikaBurn 2016, Cat's Cradle at Midburn 2017, Change Midburn 2022 and the Iskorka for Ogonyok (ex Russian BM event) every year in 2017-2021."

This year, we would like to include new team members from Israel and other countries, so that the art, whose initial meaning is to help understand our unity as human beings, can unite people right from the creation stage. And it will continue to do so until the very moment when we all sit in a circle together and observe how this art takes its new quantum leap to ashes and then to the deep corners of our consciousness, emotions, and stories, which we will share with other people…”

How can you help?

As we welcome UNITY/OWN WAY with open arms into our community, they are currently searching for more people to join their team. Specifically, people knowledgeable in woodworking and lighting, can help with transportation (truck) and construction site logistics. They are looking for a building site in or near Tel Aviv that can accommodate a 14-meter-tall structure. If anyone is interested in being part of this amazing project, feel free to contact them (in English or Russian) at:


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