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Afternoon Midburn update

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We will try to post an update every day at around sunset on the Midburn official facebook page and on the website.

Anything you are wondering about, you are welcome to ask us on the Midburn page.

An update from the Midburn site: it's dusty and cold at night. That’s it - we thought you’d like to know:

  1. OMG ticket sale starts at 21:00 tonight (Tuesday) and is open for everyone.מכירה-פתוחה

  2. Requests for ticket transfers that were sent up to 16.10 will be handled. There will be a solution for every issue, believe and be patient. The participants answering you care deeply about helping and share a common goal - to help and arrive at the city together - so just trust.

  3. Digital program - the environment, budget, crazy schedule and all sorts of forces were combined this year to make the decision to give up on the printed program. But our amazing Ruth worked hard to gather all of the information. And you, the artists and camps helped her and updated again, again and again, and we have all of the information. So we called Alin to design it and we’re all hopeful she’ll manage it on time - and on Friday we’ll upload the full program for you to download, view and memorize.

  4. The arrival path: The friends in charge of it are trying to figure out the best path to the city when the gates open. The matter is in discussions with the authorities - let’s keep our fingers crossed. Keep your eye on the website to see if there is an update on the road into the city.

  5. Cooking Gas - The fire department ordered stricter rules. The changes are marked in yellow here:


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