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מפגש התנעה מידברן 2021

Here it comes! time for us all to meet up!

Midburn 2021 Kickoff Meeting

Let's shake off the dust together!

When? Wednesday, 07.07.21, from 18:00 onwards

Where? Collabo Creative Home, Ben Tzi 47, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

From Vetern to virgin, from Artisit to sparkle pony, and from Safety manager to Centre camp leader - we will All come together to meet, hug (with enthusiastic consent) and take our first steps together towards Midburn 2021.

What’s in store???

There will be a bar selling alcohol, so please bring a cup (bringing in alcohol is forbidden).

There will be amazing music for anyone who wants to boogie, as well as comfortable lounging spaces.

It is possible, and highly recommended, to bring gifts and surprises which are not alcohol :)

There will be plenty of space for questions, advice, riddles, dusty conversations and meetings with loved ones!

A great opportunity to get to know the members of the teams; MOOP, Content, DPW, Support, Event Administration, Location, Greeters, Internationals and more. Representatives from all departments are planning sweet gifts for us;

What else will there be?

Well, whatever we all decide to bring with us!

Because after all, it is a desert, and “If you build it, You will stay”.

So, Lets meet!


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